What it means to be a vegetarian


What does it mean to become a vegetarian? Does it mean you are a hippie who loves animals? Not exactly. There are several reasons why a person becomes a vegetarian. There are health reasons, but yes, there are also personal beliefs preventing one from consuming animal.

If you’re a vegetarian, does that mean you are also vegan? No, it doesn’t mean you are vegan, but it does mean that you are in some ways similar to vegans. Vegans are people who have a plant-based diet, so that means they do not consume anything that comes from animals or sea life whatsoever. Vegetarians on the other hand, although they do not consume animal, they may still consume dairy and or eggs. And yes, there are pescatarians but that is something totally different. Pescatarians consume sea life and no other animal.

As a proud vegetarian myself I sometimes consume eggs and very minimally consume dairy. I prefer to drink almond milk and the only reason I may consume dairy every once in a while is that at times I eat baked goods that have some dairy in them. I stopped consuming cheese two months ago and I stopped consuming dairy ice cream a month ago.

How long have I been a vegetarian for? Seven years to be exact. Do I regret it? Absolutely not.

When I meet people for the first time, everything is normal and then when they find out I’m a vegetarian I become an alien in about a second or so. At least it isn’t half a second. I guess, there aren’t as many vegetarians out there, so it may spark an interest. It’s just a little tiresome sometimes to answer the same questions over and over again but I mean if I can help in some way I guess it’s alright.

Why did I become a vegetarian? I get asked that question frequently. I became a vegetarian because ever since I was a child I hardly ate animal. I was forced to eat animal because my parents kept insisting I eat it and so, in the end, I gave in. I wasn’t a big fan of animal, but I still ate it on rare occasions. Then, an older sister became a vegetarian and soon enough another one of my sisters became a vegetarian. Those two sisters were the same ones who decided to put thoughts in my head. I already disliked eating animal. I didn’t particularly enjoy the taste, but my sisters made it worse. They made me realize I was eating something that was once alive and a few years later I became a vegetarian. It wasn’t a difficult decision.

If you become a vegetarian does that mean you aren’t healthy? Or does it mean you are extremely healthy? Yes and no to both questions. Just like someone who consumes animal, there are healthy and not so healthy people. At the beginning of my adventure, I was so unhealthy. I had no idea what I was doing. Over time I came to realize my mistakes and now I’m proud to say I’m a healthy vegetarian. Whenever I go to my doctor’s office and get a checkup done, my results come out extremely well.

What works for me may not work for you and vice versa.

Do I love animals? Yes, I adore them. Do I love the planet? Yes, of course. Thanks to this planet I’m alive and breathing. Are there things I would love to change or improve about the world. Absolutely. Does that make me a hippie? You decide that.

And now that we are at the end, let me just say, thank you for reading all the way through. 🙃

2 thoughts on “What it means to be a vegetarian

  1. I think it’s such a silly stereotype that all vegans and vegetarians are hippies. You don’t even necessarily need to love animals to be vegetarian, you just have to recognise that an animal has a right to life and to respect that right. I would not kill a man in the street – that doesn’t mean that i love him, it just means that i know it’s wrong to take a life! But we still do love animals mainly 😉 haha! Tim (www.ahimsa-vegan.com)

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